Prince Charles and Camilla begin three-day Canada tour

Charles and Camilla in Canada

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, have begun a whistlestop, three-day tour of Canada beginning in Iqaluit, an outpost he first visited back in 1970.

“Good day, I am happy to be here to have arrived to Iqaluit,” the prince tried to say in the local Inuit language, which amused resident Lesley Giles.

“He spoke in Inuktitut and he recognized that it goes beyond 150 years; that there’s 400 years of interaction with British people and the Inuit people that are up here.”

On his previous trip more than 45 years ago, Iqaluit was still called Frobisher Bay, N.W.T.

Prince Charles in Canada

Charles explained: “Arriving here today brings back the happiest of memories chiefly because this is where I began my first visit to this great country almost 50 years ago.

“I have never forgotten the warmth of the welcome from the Inuit people, which made me feel instantly at home as indeed I have with all Canadians on my subsequent visits.”

Governor General David Johnson welcomed the Royal party off the plane, and then the prince inspected a group of Canadian Rangers in front of the Nunavut Legislature before giving his speech.

Charles and Camilla met students and representatives at the Nunavut Research Institute, and then moved on to Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park for a public feast consisting of traditional dishes and drink.

Prince Charles Canada

The Prince of Wales was keen to spend part of the visit supporting the development of the local Inuit language.

The royal couple head to Trenton and Prince Edward County, Ontario, today while they continue the official tour.