Princess Royal inspects Household Cavalry Kit Ride Pass-Off

The Princess Royal as Colonel of The Household Cavalry Regiment, The Blues and Royals, has inspected the Regiment’s Kit Ride Pass-Off in Hyde Park.

After 20 weeks of gruelling riding and kit cleaning, the men of Dunville VC Ride finally passed out of training and into the ranks of the Household Cavalry.

Princess Anne took the salute as the ride cantered past in front of their families and friends, and presented the Best Soldier award to Trooper Dowden.

Princess Royal Household CavalryTrooper Dowden receives his best Soldier Award (photo: Royal Family, Instagram)

The Kit Ride Pass-off at Hyde Park Barracks is the final hurdle before participants become fully trained Mounted Dutymen, or members of one of the Mounted Bands.

It comes after a hard 20 weeks of training, and all recruits deserve the applause from watching family and friends.